Next Gen Audio

Elevate your projects with Interactive Audio.the Unreal Engine.Ambisonics.XR (VR AR MR).360°Audio.Spatial Audio.AI-Tools.Immersive Audio.

Over the past decade, we’ve put our focus on mastering Next Gen Audio Technologies, crafting a unique blend of expertise that merges decades of experience in the pro audio business with the artistry of an award-winning music producer and a deep understanding of programming and interactive content implementation. Our specialization, particularly within the realm of the Unreal Engine, is extensive.

In October 2023, Mitch had the honor of delivering a one-hour keynote on this subject at Unrealfest ’23 in New Orleans, an invitation extended by Epic Games (Fortnite) themselves. This recognition underscores the depth of our knowledge and contributions to the field. The Head of Audio at Epic Games even dubbed our “Never-Ending Album,” Sonic Lifeforms, a “Trailblazer”-App, setting new standards in the industry.

Sonic Lifeforms takes the form of an interactive iOS app, where the music constantly evolves and manifests itself in new forms, captivating users with its innovative approach to audio experiences.

Moreover, we’ve spearheaded numerous projects in XR/VR, employing 360° audio to immerse users in rich, lifelike environments. Additionally, our expertise extends to AI audio tools such as voice cloning and audio restoration, further expanding the possibilities of audio technology.

At TRIPBOX Sound Studios, we stand ready to lend our expertise to your projects, offering consultation and support across these dynamic fields. Let us help elevate your endeavors with our cutting-edge Next Gen Audio Technologies.