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As the founder and owner of TRIPBOX, I’m passionate about creating sound that takes you on a journey. With many years of experience, I am equally into music production, mixing and creating sonic images for artists, moving pictures and brands, as well as exploring cutting-edge technology and next-gen audio solutions like interactive audio implementation and spatial audio for VR.

Michael Mitch Doerfler


At TRIPBOX, we believe that sound is an essential part of every experience. That’s why we’re committed to delivering audio that not only sounds great but touches the listeners too. From traditional music production, composing and mixing to interactive audio, spatial audio, game-audio, interactive music systems and immersive audio installations, we have the knowledge and expertise to take your project to the next sonic level.


We are convinced that next-gen audio will become the new standard for audio production, and will be essential for media production in the metaverse. As virtual and augmented reality technology becomes more prevalent, audio will play an increasingly important role in creating immersive experiences. We’re already prepared for this shift, and we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for us in audio production.

What We Do

  • Music Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music for Film & TV
  • Audio Branding & Sound Logos
  • Audio for Advertising
  • Interactive Audio
  • Immersive Audio
  • Audio for VR, AR, 360° Video
  • Game Audio
  • Audio for Unreal Engine
  • Certified WWISE Operator

Two Big Ears

How we work?
First of all, we listen. That is, we listen to you.
Because your ideas and visions matter.
Listening to your music, existing material and demos, if available, is also an important part of the process.
Then we sit down together and develop a concept of how we can take your project to the next level and make it sound the way you envisioned it.
After that, we take the ideas into our audio lab and give it a good stir and spice it up with a little magic.

And then? Then we’ll listen again. Together.
And hope to once again see those smiles on our clients’ faces.

Selected Projects & Clients

Die Fantastischen Vier | Thomas D | DMX | Rainhard Fendrich | Georg Danzer | ORF |  “Unser Star für Baku” (Brainpool/Stefan Raab/Pro7) | Roman Lob | THE MINUS | Burgtheater Wien | Akademietheater Wien | XAL | State Museum of Art Uzbekistan | Studio Super+ | K18 | Team Legat | Vanilla Ice | Jagged Edge | WIFI Wien | FH Wien der WKW | United Pop | University of West London | 4Gamechangers | YLVA | Nachtfilm | Monika Ballwein | Harri Stojka | Andy Baum | Pacheco | Sabina Hank & Willi Resetarits | Giraffenaffen | Li Music | SOS Project feat. Dante Thomas | Insieme | CMP & Ashley Slater | Ambient White | Sonic Lifeforms | Tommy Blank & Herbert Grönemeyer
Lerne Ableton Live