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While Mitch is the founder and mastermind of TRIPBOX Next Gen Audio Lab, he strongly believes that these remarkable individuals we are about to introduce on this page, are the pulsating heart of our operation. Each member contributes a distinctive mix of expertise, passion, and idiosyncrasies to our team, propelling us collectively towards our shared objective of audio excellence. Delve into the profiles below to acquaint yourself with the faces behind our sonic operation.




Unreal Audio Wizard

Meet Chroma, the Chameleon Audio Artisan. With iridescent scales that shift to match any environment, Chroma are a master of adaptation, much like their namesake lizard. They possess unparalleled expertise in interactive audio implementation within the Unreal Engine, with a particular knack for Blueprint Scripting and Metasounds. Due to their chameleon background, Chroma have developed multiple personalities and therefore prefer to be addressed using plural pronouns. Their ability to seamlessly blend into any situation allows them to navigate complex audio landscapes with ease, making them an invaluable asset to any team seeking to create immersive and dynamic audio experiences. Whether it’s crafting interactive soundscapes or fine-tuning gameplay elements, Chroma’s keen eye for detail and unparalleled technical prowess ensure that every Unreal Engine project they touch is nothing short of extraordinary.



Mixing Veteran, Sonic Storyteller

This is Riff, a Sonic Storyteller and a legend in his own right. With a timeless sense of style, always clad in jeans and a weathered leather jacket, Riff embodies the essence of old-school cool. While some may mistake his gruff exterior for aloofness, those who know him best understand that beneath his rough exterior lies a heart of gold. Riff is a master of traditional stereo mixing, but he transcends mere technicality; he views his craft as sculpting sonic landscapes, weaving narratives through sound that captivate the listener’s imagination. Preferring the title of “sonic storyteller” over that of a mixing engineer, Riff approaches each project with an unwavering dedication to crafting sonic experiences that resonate on a deeper level. His love for working during the nighttime stems from the quiet solitude it offers, allowing him to dive deep into his creative process undisturbed.



Maestro of Immersive Audio, aka “Two Big Ears”

Introducing Echo, the Immersive Audio Maestro. With wings that slice through the air with precision and ears finely attuned to the nuances of sound, Echo is the maestro of immersive audio. When it comes to Dolby Atmos mixing, specializing in music, no one can rival his ability to localize sounds with ultrasonic precision, painting vivid sonic landscapes that envelop listeners in a world of unparalleled depth and richness.

Unlike most bats, Echo bucks the nocturnal trend, preferring to rise with the dawn rather than linger in the darkness. For Echo, “hanging around with the rest of the gang” is a vital part of his daily routine, providing not only camaraderie but also inspiration and collaboration. Despite his early morning habits, Echo’s energy and enthusiasm never wane, his passion for his craft driving him to new heights of creativity and innovation.



Sound Design Prodigy, King of the Dancefloor

Next up is Yung Yang, the Panda Sound Design Prodigy. With a fusion of youthful energy and ancient wisdom, Yung Yang is the master of modular synthesis and beat design. His lab is a haven of innovation, filled with cutting-edge technology and vintage equipment alike. Despite his youthful appearance, Yung Yang possesses an innate understanding of sound that belies his age. He effortlessly blends the old with the new, drawing inspiration from traditional techniques and modern technology alike.

On the dancefloor, Yung Yang is a force to be reckoned with, his moves as smooth as his soundscapes. He seamlessly transitions between beats and rhythms, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and impeccable timing.



Keeper of the Microphone Vault, Smooth Operator

Winston, the dapper Orangutan and Keeper of the Microphone Vault. Always dressed impeccably in a suit, “Sir” Winston exudes old-fashioned charm and sophistication. With a polite demeanor and a penchant for thoroughness, he is the trusted guardian of the seven keys to the microphone vault.

Inside the vault lie treasures beyond compare – vintage tube mics, modern high-end mics, ambisonic mics, rare collector’s items, and curious finds from around the world. When it comes to microphones, Winston is the “orang to go to.” His knowledge is vast and his expertise unparalleled. Ask him anything, and he will have the answer.

But beneath his gentlemanly exterior lies a smooth operator. Winston has a knack for charming the ladies with his suave demeanor and silver tongue. His charisma knows no bounds, and he’s always ready with a charming compliment or a witty remark.



Communication Officer & “A Bit of a Chatterbox”

What can we say about Coral?  She is the Charming Octopus Lady of Communication. With graceful tentacles that effortlessly glide through the water, Coral is the heart and soul of the team’s communication efforts. Handling everything from emails to old-fashioned snail mail, working with the press, and communicating with clients, Coral is a true maestra of words. As an artist of language, Coral loves nothing more than crafting beautifully written messages that captivate and inspire. Her eloquence and charm make her a natural at building relationships and fostering connections, both within the team and with external partners.

However, if you ever visit Coral in her underwater office, be prepared to stay awhile. Coral is a bit of a chatterbox, but these lengthy conversations are always pure joy. Because of her talkative nature, Coral is also responsible for ensuring that communication flows smoothly within the crew, spreading the word, and keeping everyone informed.

As for how she manages to keep letter envelopes dry in her underwater office, well, that’s a mystery to us all.



Virtual Virtuoso

Don´t be afraid of VRex, the Virtual Reality Virtuoso. Despite his imposing stature and fearsome appearance, VRex is a surprisingly tender and warm-hearted character. With his custom-made VR headset, VRex is completely immersed in the world of Extended Reality (XR), encompassing VR, MR, and AR.

Some speculate that they don’t know how he looks without his VR goggles, but that’s just a myth. For his friends, VRex always takes them off, revealing warm, friendly eyes that reflect his caring personality. VRex’s caring nature extends beyond the virtual realm and he’s known to have a heart of gold. He often surprises the crew by bringing fresh vegetables from his own garden, a gesture that reflects his nurturing spirit and generosity.



Ambisonic Owl

Hoot and holler for Aurora, the Ambisonic Snow Owl. With the remarkable ability to rotate her head to extreme angles, Aurora possesses a vital advantage when it comes to mixing in the Ambisonics Soundfield. Sound for 360° video that adapts to the viewer’s angle is second nature to her, allowing her to create immersive audio experiences that transport audiences to new worlds. Despite her ability to sense sound fields up to the 50th order, Aurora tones it down for the rest of us, ensuring that her immersive landscapes cater to all use cases. Her expertise in Ambisonics is unparalleled, and her creations are nothing short of breathtaking.

However, Aurora has a soft spot for haircuts, and she’s often seen spending lots of time in the morning fine-tuning her mohawk. Her late arrivals to work are a result of her dedication to her personal style, but as they say, you can’t buy style – and Aurora has it in spades.



Remix Unicorn Wondergirl

She comes and goes as she sees fit. This is Lyra, the Remix Wizard Unicorn. With a mane that shimmers like liquid gold and a horn that crackles with mystical energy, Lyra is the enigmatic master of the remix realm. No one exactly knows what happens in the secret underground remix layer, but one thing is for certain: the results are pure magic.

In the world of remixing, Lyra is a legend, her name whispered in awe and reverence by artists and fans alike. While she doesn’t talk much about her methods, her remixes speak volumes, each one a testament to her unparalleled skill and boundless creativity. From subtle reimaginings to bold reinterpretations, Lyra weaves her sonic sorcery, transforming ordinary tracks into transcendent works of art. What happens in the remix layer stays in the remix layer, they say, but the impact of Lyra’s remixes reverberates far and wide, captivating audiences and leaving them spellbound. 



AI Prodigy

We think she’s real, but we’re not entirely sure…
Pixel, the tech-savvy Otter of
AI tools and Cutting-Edge Audio Tech. Despite being one of the younger members of the team, Pixel’s passion for new technology knows no bounds. With sleek fur and agile movements, Pixel is always diving into the latest advancements in audio technology. Growing up in a digital world, Pixel is fluent in the language of algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Her underwater den is adorned with screens displaying lines of code and diagrams of intricate audio systems, showcasing her dedication to her craft. Pixel is always at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in audio production.

What makes us a little suspicious is that she has never spoken about her origins, family, or previous history. Her answers to questions on this matter are always somewhat evasive…
Hmm… Never mind. We love her!



It´s broken – She fixes it

What would we do without Scarlet, our Audio Mechanic? With vibrant plumage that catches the eye and a beak as sharp as her wit, Scarlet is the indispensable heart of the team. Where others see broken cables and malfunctioning equipment, Scarlet sees opportunities to shine. Armed with a keen intellect and unparalleled technical prowess, she can fix anything that comes her way, ensuring that the wheels of creativity never grind to a halt. In an audio lab as bustling as ours, mishaps are bound to occur, but Scarlet takes them all in stride, swooping in to save the day with her expert repairs and meticulous maintenance. From finicky mixing consoles to delicate vintage microphones, Scarlet handles each task with the care and precision it deserves, earning her the admiration and gratitude of her teammates.

But it’s not just her mechanical skills that make Scarlet a beloved member of the team; it’s also her infectious sense of humor. No one tells jokes quite like her, with a repertoire that spans from clever quips to daringly politically incorrect humor. While her jokes may occasionally toe the line, her warmth and genuine affection for her teammates shine through, bringing levity to even the most stressful of situations. With Scarlet around, there’s never a dull moment in the audio lab.



Webmaster, “Always lending a helping leg”

This is Archie, the Webmaster at TRIPBOX Next Gen Audio Lab! Growing up in a bustling family with countless siblings, Archie learned the value of collaboration and teamwork early on. His uncle, a former web crawler, introduced him to the wonders of the World Wide Web, sparking Archie’s passion for digital exploration. With his knack for web development and a heart of gold, he’s always ready to lend a helping leg to his fellow team members. Armed with his expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as a keen eye for design, Archie weaves digital masterpieces that bring our online presence to life. His quirky personality and infectious enthusiasm make him an invaluable member of the team, shaping the future of our digital endeavors with creativity and expertise.



Jaw-Dropping Live Sound

Never seen an Alligator Touring the World before? Well, meet Jawseph, our Live Sound Veteran Cyberpunk. With a sleek, cybernetically enhanced exterior and a wealth of experience in the world of live sound, Jawseph is the undisputed master of audio in the live arena. From massive stadiums to intimate clubs, Jawseph knows all the big venues inside out, bringing superb live sound to audiences around the world.

When he’s not touring the globe, Jawseph regales the crew with tales from his adventures on the road, spinning yarns of wild tour stories from every corner of the earth. His larger-than-life personality and infectious enthusiasm make him the life of the party, his stories keeping the crew entertained for hours on end.

However, Jawseph isn’t without his quirks. While he’s perfectly at home navigating the chaotic world of live music, he has one steadfast rule: “No stairs on tour. Jawseph doesn’t do stairs!” Whether it’s an elevator or a ramp, there needs to be a smooth path for Jawseph to traverse, lest he become quite snappish – pun unintended. 

Don Weato


Cunning Weasel of Client Services, Inquiries

Introducing Don Weato, the Cunning Weasel of Client Services and Accounting. Hailing from Italy, Don Weato is the smooth-talking mastermind behind handling all inquiries that come the team’s way. Whether it’s negotiating contracts or crunching numbers, Don Weato’s foxiness knows no bounds, even though he is a weasel. With a name that commands respect and an Italian heritage that infuses him with charisma, Don Weato can make you an offer you might not be able to refuse. 

Unlike the rest of the team, Don Weato doesn’t listen to music. He believes that the feedback from satisfied and happy customers is “music to his ears” and that’s more than enough for him. Instead, he focuses all his energy on ensuring that every client interaction is smooth, seamless, and satisfying.

Just write him an email… That is, if you dare!

Selected Projects & Clients

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