Mixing has always been a core passion and business for us. We believe that a mix is not just about making all the elements of a song good, but it’s about creating a sonic image that places the music in a scenery. We understand that every song has its own unique story and it’s our job to bring that story to life by setting the perfect sound stage.

Our approach to mixing emphasizes the emotion and meaning of the music. We work closely with our clients to understand the story behind their music and use our expertise and experience to bring it to life. We believe that a good-sounding mix is not good enough. It has to sound great and serve the mood and energy of the music.

In addition to mixing, we also offer mastering services to give your tracks the final polish they need to stand out. Our mastering services will give your tracks the balance, clarity, and punch they need to sound their best on any platform.

Some of our Mixing Projects…

Thomas D – Live in Stuttgart | Audio Postproduction & Mixing

Get On Board (Show Opener)
Wish (Komm zu mir)
Gebet an den Planet

Selected Projects & Clients

Die Fantastischen Vier | Thomas D | DMX | Rainhard Fendrich | Georg Danzer | ORF |  “Unser Star für Baku” (Brainpool/Stefan Raab/Pro7) | Roman Lob | THE MINUS | Burgtheater Wien | Akademietheater Wien | XAL | State Museum of Art Uzbekistan | Studio Super+ | K18 | Team Legat | Vanilla Ice | Jagged Edge | WIFI Wien | FH Wien der WKW | United Pop | University of West London | 4Gamechangers | YLVA | Nachtfilm | Monika Ballwein | Harri Stojka | Andy Baum | Pacheco | Sabina Hank & Willi Resetarits | Giraffenaffen | Li Music | SOS Project feat. Dante Thomas | Insieme | CMP & Ashley Slater | Ambient White | Sonic Lifeforms | Tommy Blank & Herbert Grönemeyer
Lerne Ableton Live