The InteractiveGenerativeEver-EvolvingNever-Ending Ambient
Music Album.

A music album that reinvents itself with every listen. Featuring ever-evolving music that adapts to your mood in real time.

Meet Sonic Lifeforms, the never-ending album composed and created by the innovative artist Michael Mitch Doerfler. This unique album is based on groundbreaking new technology for generative music and is available as an iOS app, adapting to your mood with interactive controls and responsive visuals.

The perfect music companion for working, studying, relaxing and all ambient music lovers.

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Imagine the music of Sonic Lifeforms like a sky with beautiful cloud formations that are constantly shifting and evolving. The basic scenery of each album track remains the same, but the patterns and shapes are always in flux, creating a mesmerizing and ever-changing landscape of sound. Every time you listen to the album, you’ll discover new nuances and variations, just like looking up at the sky on a different day.


With Sonic Lifeforms, you can become an active participant when listening to the album. A simple and intuitive user interface lets you adjust the parameters and influence the direction of the music, making each session a unique and personalized experience. Or just let the integrated randomizers do their job.


of ever-evolving music

  1. Outer Rim Tranquillity
  2. Backyard Dub
  3. Tokyo Blues
  4. The Locrian Incident
  5. Spinning
  6. Tunisia
  7. Eshnapur Deli
  8. Unreal World


The Sonic Lifeforms-App also features stunning visuals that react to the music, creating a multisensory experience.


"Wow, so cool! Helps me focus and stay productive while studying. :-)"

Sarah, student

"My new music companion! Sonic Lifeforms has been a game-changer for my work routine."

Michael, graphic designer

"The integrated sleep timer is a great feature!"

Alex, insomniac.

"Now, when I come home, I turn on the lights and then Sonic Lifeforms :-)"

Lilly, beta-tester


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Please find a comprehensive collection of press photos and texts in both English and German languages about Sonic Lifeforms on this page!